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Floocus propose various services around Spider distribution:

  • On premises deployment
  • Software as a Service usage - planned
  • Premium or enterprise level support
  • Trainings for users, administrators or developers
  • Consulting activities on configuration and usage
  • Plugins development for systems integration

On premises deployment

On premises deployment of Spider is easy and requires neither a big infrastructure nor advanced knowledge.

Spider is currently deployed in a Kubernetes cluster.


  • Kubernetes cluster
  • Elasticsearch Cloud on Kubernetes

Spider setup and upgrade is automated by Helmcharts.


Spider will also be available in SaaS to be able to spawn a Whisperer and capture communications at any time, from tiny to big systems.


Floocus is providing Spider support depending on the licence:

Premium3d SLA, working hours.
Fixes in the product roadmap.
No remote intervention.
Enterprise4h SLA, working hours.
Priority fixes.
Live support possible.


Floocus proposes 3 different trainings to cover the various needs:

User2dComplete tour on Spider capabilities and UI usage.
Operators2dInstallation, upgrade, tuning, monitoring and troubleshooting Spider.
Developers2dDevelop plugins and integrate with the API.


Floocus consultants are available to help companies or individuals get the most out of Spider:

  • Assisted setup, tuning and configuration
  • Pair troubleshooting
  • One 2 one trainings

Plugins development

Floocus developers may assist your company in building Spider plugins to integrate more deeply into your systems.

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