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Spider licence is invoiced on usage. More precisely CPU usage of the parsing Server.

The links below explain how Spider usage is computed, aggregated and used for billing. It also shows you how to access usage statistics and anticipate your invoice.

  • Billing principle tells how Spider is billed
  • Usage statistics explains how and what statistics are collected
  • License UI shows you how to connect to the license UI to
    • manage your license
    • see your usage
    • estimate your costs
    • and access your invoices

Public price

On premise licenses

Price per pre-booked cores used by Spider services per month

LicenseDescriptionCost per core
& month
Premium3d SLA, 9h-18h (CET)100€
Enterprise4h SLA, 9h-18h (CET)
Priority fixes
Live support possible (200€/h)

With this price, are included:

  • Spider analyzer on premise license
  • Spider controllers on Kubernetes
  • Spider monitoring and alerting
  • Unlimited agents, hosts, data capture, storage size and users or API clients
  • LDAP and OIDC integration
  • Complete IAM solution for access control
  • Complete access to API for extension / integration
  • Complete access to UI plugins hooks for UI extension
  • Access to license usage Website
  • ... and many other good things!

SaaS license


Spider is not yet available as a SaaS, but it will be!