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User training is ready!

· 2 min read

After several months of preparation, the first official Spider user training is available at your local store ! :)

Contact Thibaut to know how to get trained.

Slides samples

What you'll get

After this training, you'll know more about all the user features of Spider, and will be eager to use it to saves you hours of your work :)

You will understand more how it works, when and where to use it, and how to administrate it, from a team perspective.

Training plan

The training is a mix of presentation slides and exercises.
It takes you from network capture the hard way to integrating your own system with Spider's plugins.

Training plan

Exercises plan

The training includes 12 exercises to increase progressively your knowledge in Spider, and some usage situations samples/demo.

Exercises plan

What you won't get

This training does not get into details on administration or extending Spider.
Nor does it get into depth in Spider architecture or technical details.

It focuses really on Spider usage for end users wanting to discover and troubleshoot their systems.


The training takes between 1 day and a half to 2 days.

Ok, I'm in, how do I subscribe?

No regular training are scheduled yet, so contact us!!

Going further

Two more trainings are designed but WIP:

  • Administrator training
    • Installation
    • User & team management
    • Security and good practices
    • Monitoring Spider
  • Developer training
    • Developing plugins for Spider
    • Using the API