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First user training evaluations

· 5 min read

March 2023 as welcome the first 2 iterations of my Spider user training.
It was the occasion to test the training and improve it!

Globally, the Net Promoter Score is excellent :-)

Net Promoteur Score (NPS).png



The training is confirmed to be 2 days long, but this is perceived differently depending on the technical skills of the attendees: for some it is too long, for others too short !

Let's say that the timing is good then =)

Learning contribution

Learning contribution.png

Even if one meeting was completely remote, and it felt really difficult to manage for me, the level of involvement from the trainees is quite good.

Attendees felt that the training was much useful for them, and adapted to their position.
Which is quite satisfying knowing many profiles were represented:

  • Testers
  • Developers
  • Architects
  • Business Analysts
  • Support
  • DevOps
  • SRE

Trainer evaluation

Trainer skills and availability.png

I need some work in how to motivate trainees, but overall, a quite satisfying score :-)

Training content & structure

Training content & structure.png

As above, some progress to make in motivation and involvement.
I need to find some tricks to get people focus more.

But clearly, the training content was well perceived, and the exercises were very much appreciated!

Net promoter score

Would you recommend the training_.png

A majority of trainees would recommend the training to their peers.
Which is my greatest satisfaction ever :-)

What people liked most, in order of preference

  1. Exercises
  2. Tags feature
  3. Statistics feature
  4. Filters features for drill down
  5. Tips given through the 2 days for usage and analysis
  6. Templates feature
  7. Administration explanations

Some special comments 💜

Comment from a developer on "Why did you choose this training?"

The training was required by my manager but I am confused why not all of my team could participate.

Comment from a developer on "How would you improve?"

Maybe more general data for those that don't know anything about (...). (I don't know what (...) is). Simple scenario, maybe a webstore.

Also spread out the training over 3 days for time to work, had to help colleagues a little sometimes. And the information gets more room to land.

From a Business Analyst on "What was most useful?"

The first day were more of an overall introduction to the system. In comparison, more simple, but nonetheless very useful. Probably stuff that I would have managed to learn just by trial and error or by reading a short manual.

It was the first half of the second day that provided the more advanced features that felt relevant to me. Things that would have been more difficult to learn without this training.

Comment from a Business Analyst on "How would you improve?"

The training is for everyone who have use of Spider. But that means there's content that is more relevant for some than others. The second half of the second day (the part before I had to leave at least) was more directed towards admins. While interesting to see how things work, it doesn't feel like something I'll need. So perhaps non admins could skip that part?

I would like to praise the training overall. Very useful! And very impressed by the tool.
I believe I'll make use of it a lot.
And it's not always easy to conduct a online training session for a bunch of (mostly) muted avatars. I believe Thibaut handled it very well and I was engaged for the whole time.
For me, it was actually easier to participate for such a course online where I could have all my screens in front of me, instead of working with a laptop in a cramped meeting room.

Thank you so much!! 💜

Improvements for next runs

Things I have already improved

Between the two trainings, I improved a couple of things based on the first training feedback:

  • Bug fixes
    • Upload was not working (any more) on Windows
    • Some failures when changing the input structure before uploading
  • Some UI fixes for a smoother experience
  • Using for trainees emails accounts
    • Thanks for the idea! 😀
  • Replay/Do the exercises with the trainees
  • Reduced the Quiz level 😅

After the second iteration, I also improved Spider to cope with a difficulty raised by a trainee:

Things yet to improve

  • Improve text of exercises
    • Explain on what Whisperer to work for EACH exercise
    • Rename training Whisperers to have a bigger difference between trainees' and trainer's
  • Simplify some exercises
    • Host naming
    • Sequence diagram
  • Have exercises data that will be meaningful for everybody
    • Quite difficult, I need to build a fake system and capture it first 😨
  • Reword some Quiz questions that are subject to too much interpretation 😜