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· 5 min read

March 2023 as welcome the first 2 iterations of my Spider user training.
It was the occasion to test the training and improve it!

Globally, the Net Promoter Score is excellent :-)

Net Promoteur Score (NPS).png

· 3 min read

In the past month, I've been working on the license solution to manage my first client :-)

The 'usage' report UI has transformed to a solution to manage organisations, users and licenses, as well as the goto place to access Organisation invoices.

· One min read

Now that Spider includes license management, and sends usage statistics for billing, I needed to put a UI in place to track usage statistics, manage license and download invoices.

The first release just got deployed!

· 2 min read

After several months of preparation, the first official Spider user training is available at your local store ! :)

Contact Thibaut to know how to get trained.

Slides samples

· One min read

This first ticket celebrates the birth of Floocus website :)!

This website will expose information and news about Floocus SAS.