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From a license usage UI to a license management solution

· 3 min read

In the past month, I've been working on the license solution to manage my first client :-)

The 'usage' report UI has transformed to a solution to manage organisations, users and licenses, as well as the goto place to access Organisation invoices.

How to access it


  1. Click on login link in
  2. You'll be redirected to Floocus login page (reused from Spider ;) )
  3. Connect and here you are!


Organisation management


A distributor can create a new client (organization), and associate to it licenses and invoices.

Access rights

The solution includes access rights management, and email notifications.

An organization employee may also invite another employee to access the organization data.


  • If the user does not exist in the system yet, the employee receives an email with an invitation link that allows him to create an account and be associated to the organization.
  • If the user already exists, it is joins the organization employees.

The solution also manages distributors with access to many organization, and of course, Floocus support staff access.

Terms approval

Users are asked to validate terms and conditions at first connection.
Any change in terms will require another approval (reused from Spider).

Users profile


User are allowed to change profile, email and password, with the same secure process as in Spider, using email tokens.

A 'forgot password' feature is also available.

License management


A license includes the count of prepaid cors and their price, as well as the agreed price for extra cores.

The license keys may be regenerated in case of loss or theft.

License Usage

Floocus-usage.png Floocus-usage2.png

Same as MVP ;-) Just a bit more information

Invoice management


Finally, the system allows registering a new invoice, uploading the invoice PDF file (with history of changes) and register the payment.

Cost of operations?

Every thing is deployed on S3, using AWS API gateway, Lambda and DynamoDB and paying only on the usage.

Virtually, it costs me nothing, every month :)

And deployment is all managed and automated with Serverless framework!


  • Lambdas functions on the left.
  • SPA UIs on the right.

You can see change capture Lambdas on DynamoDB events to manage asynchronous operations, such as Monthly stats aggregation.



A nice little system, fully scalable at 0 cost :-)